Our communities are stronger when we all work together

Partner Today

Whiz Kids couldn’t happen without the support of our partners in the community: churches, businesses and schools. Generous people in the community who provide the space for our programs, supplies for our mealtimes and volunteers that help make our mission a reality.

  • Church Partners

    We have a long list of churches that we are blessed to call partners. These locations are the gathering places where Whiz Kids students and mentors come together to begin their journey. The churches are safe and familiar places in the neighborhoods we serve, donating their time and facilities for the students meals, Club Time and tutoring.

    It is here where mentoring grows into lasting friendship.

    + See all Church Partners
    • Acts Community Baptist
    • Alameda Church of Christ
    • All Souls Episcopal
    • Baptist Temple
    • The Bridge
    • Bridgeway
    • Chapel Hill United Methodist Church
    • Cherokee Hills Baptist
    • Choctaw Road Baptist Church
    • Church of the Servant
    • Church on the Rock
    • City Presbyterian
    • Contact Mission Church, Tulsa
    • Covenant Life
    • Crossings Comunidad Cristiana
    • Crossings Community Church
    • Crown Heights United Methodist Church
    • Del City Church of Christ
    • Destiny Christian Center
    • Eagle Heights Church
    • East Side Church of Christ
    • Eastwood Baptist
    • Emmaus Baptist
    • Exchange Avenue Baptist
    • Faith Lutheran
    • Fifth Street Baptist
    • First Baptist Church of Choctaw
    • First Christian Church, Edmond
    • First Church, OKC
    • First Presbyterian, Edmond
    • First Southern Baptist
    • First United Methodist, Edmond
    • Greater Mount Olive Baptist
    • Heritage Baptist
    • Higher Ground Baptist Church
    • Life Church, locations around metro OKC
    • Linwood United Methodist Church
    • Mayflower Church
    • Meadowood Baptist
    • Messiah Lutheran
    • Metropolitan Baptist
    • The Net Church
    • Oakcrest Church of Christ
    • Olivet Baptist
    • Our Lord’s Community Church
    • People’s Church
    • Portland Avenue Baptist
    • Prospect Baptist
    • Quail Springs Baptist
    • The Springs Church of Christ
    • Quail Springs United Methodist Church
    • Quayle United Methodist Church
    • Ridgecrest Church of Christ
    • Shartel Church of God
    • St. John Missionary Baptist
    • St. Luke Baptist Church
    • St. Paul’s Lutheran
    • South Walker Church of Christ
    • Southern Hills UMC
    • The Springs Baptist
    • Tabitha Baptist
    • Village Baptist
    • Wesley United Methodist Church
    • Western Oaks Christian Church
    • Westmoore Community Church
    • Wickline United Methodist Church
  • School Partners

    It starts with “one book, one simple storyā€¯ and ends with a legacy. Reading opens doors, and many Oklahoma City elementary schools are using Whiz Kids to provide this gateway for area kids to reach their potential.

    Our school partners do so much more than refer students; their guidance gives children a starting point for a brighter future, and the teacher liaisons enhance their likelihood of success back in the classroom.

    + See all School Partners
    • Bodine Elementary
    • Britton Elementary
    • Buchanan Elementary
    • Capitol Hill Elementary
    • Central Oak Elementary
    • Crutcho Elementary
    • Del City Elementary
    • Edgemere Elementary
    • Edwards Elementary
    • Eugene Fields Elementary
    • F.D. Moon Academy
    • Greystone Upper Elementary
    • Gatewood Elementary
    • Green Pastures Elementary
    • Kaiser Elementary
    • Lee Elementary
    • Linwood Elementary
    • Mark Twain Elementary
    • Martin Luther King Elementary
    • Midwest City Elementary
    • Millwood Elementary
    • North Highland Elementary
    • Parmelee Elementary
    • Putnam Heights Elementary
    • Rogers Middle School
    • Sequoyah Elementary
    • Spencer Elementary
    • Stand Watie Elementary
    • Thelma Parks Elementary
    • Tulakes Elementary
    • Western Oaks Elementary
    • Westwood Elementary
    • Willow Brook Elementary
    • Wiley Post Elementary

Our Community Partners

Our community. Our children. Our future. Whiz Kids partners with Oklahoma City organizations who know the value of creating a foundation for our youth. Beyond contributing resources, our community partners are dedicated to building relationships and passionate about helping kids in need. These agencies and organizations embrace our mission to help OKC kids be successful, and we’re accomplishing it together.

  • The Mentoring Project
  • Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
  • Petra Industries
  • Feed the Children
  • Oklahoma City Community Foundation
  • Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy
  • Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
  • Insight Creative Group
  • Oklahoma City Public Schools
  • Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  • novo Ministries
  • Life.Church

Become a Whiz Kids Partner

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