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Thank you for your one time donation to Whiz Kids Oklahoma! Your generosity will help to change the lives of more than 950 children in the OKC area. It is through gifts like yours that children are afforded the opportunity to dream big and achieve bright futures.

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  • $25 = Companion Ticket to Volunteer Appreciation Dinners (April 11-13)
    Thank you for joining us at our Whiz Kids Volunteer Appreciation Dinners this April. We look forward to meeting you! The cost of one companion ticket is $25.

    $20 = FULL MINDS
    Your donation of $20 could give your local Whiz Kids site 3 new books to be used by a student and his tutor during their one-on-one tutoring sessions.

    $200 = FULL TANKS
    This year, your $200 donation could provide the fuel required for one Whiz Kids site to transport their kids from their partnering school to their site—a ride that could change the kid’s life.

    $2,000 = FULL ARMS
    Your donation of $2,000 could provide a Whiz Kids site with all curriculum and supplies needed to mentor and minister to their students for an entire year!

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