Future success, powered by education and a strong moral compass

At Whiz Kids, we believe every child deserves a shot at success, especially the most under-resourced. For 23 years, we’ve been working with at-risk kids in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area to improve reading skills and comprehension and to foster mentoring relationships with caring adults.

The Problem

Too many kids are being left behind

Reading is a fundamental building block of education, but Oklahoma students are struggling:

  • Child Poverty

    While Oklahoma City has seen substantial growth in the past decade, 1 in 3 children are living in poverty or extreme poverty.

  • Low Literacy Levels

    Approximately 73% of fourth grade students in Oklahoma read below proficiency level, and percentages are even higher in schools in high-poverty neighborhoods.

  • Low Education Spending

    Oklahoma ranks 49th among states in per pupil expenditures. Only two other states spend less than Oklahoma on education.

Our Answer

We’re here to lift kids up

  • Caring Volunteers

    From mentors to teachers to coordinators, we enlist the support of over 1,400 volunteers throughout OKC and its suburbs.

  • Serving 900 Kids

    Hundreds of kids are involved in the Whiz Kids program at sites all around Oklahoma City.

  • Individual Attention

    It only takes that one person to believe in you. Our mentors make a committment to a child to read with them each and every week.

“Whiz Kids is a vital program in the life of our city…scores of inner-city children are being encouraged to read and progress in their education through the efforts of concerned mentors. Citizens from our suburban neighborhoods are interacting on a weekly basis with inner-city kids, and making a real difference.”

Kirk Humphreys, Former OKC Mayor


  • Adam Luck

    Executive Director, City Care, Inc.


    Adam is an Oklahoma native and left the state to serve five years in the U.S. Air Force as a Korean Cryptologic Linguist. He has a B.S. degree in Global Security and Intelligence Studies from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Master of Public Policy degree from Harvard University. He was appointed by Governor Mary Fallin to the Oklahoma State Board of Corrections and also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Center for Employment Opportunities, a national nonprofit that provides comprehensive employment services to individuals with recent criminal convictions. Prior to joining City Care, Adam served as the Policy Director at the E Foundation for Oklahoma and the Oklahoma State Director for Right on Crime, an initiative of the Texas Public Policy Foundation focusing on criminal justice reform. He and his wife Sarah both grew up in Oklahoma and now live in Oklahoma City with their four young boys and yellow Lab.

  • Bea Jai Webb


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    As Director of Mission and Community Relations, Bea Jai focuses on growth, including recruitment of possible sites, partner churches and schools. Prior to serving in this role, she served as the director of Whiz Kids Oklahoma. Before joining the staff, she volunteered as a Whiz Kids site coordinator for Life Church, was a member of the Whiz Kids fundraising committee and served as a City Care board member for seven years. Bea Jai has held several positions of management and leadership during the course of her career and is also a former educator and an ordained minister. She is committed to seeing Whiz Kids steadily grow and serve Oklahoma’s children.

  • Passion Bradley


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    As the program manager, Passion oversees the coordination of all Whiz Kid partner sites and programs. Passion earned her bachelor of science degree in elementary education and her master’s degree in English as a Second Language from Langston University. Before joining Whiz Kids, she worked in public education for 16 years. She has been involved in education for at least 20+ years, teaching, mentoring and tutoring students in the OKC area.  She has been a leader in professional development, training and coordinating training for educators across Oklahoma.

    Outside of Whiz Kids, Passion is married to Jonathon. Her second job is serving as a taxi driver for her two daughters, one son and one niece. Her family attends People’s Church in Oklahoma City.



  • Amy Bruce

    Communications and Business Development Manager

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    As Communications and Development Manager, Amy is responsible for getting the message out about the activities and impact of Whiz Kids Oklahoma. Prior to joining our staff in 2016, she worked in higher education for 16 years, helping Oklahoma students and families prepare for college. She is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a bachelor and master’s degree in public relations and media management. Amy became involved in Whiz Kids by serving as a site coordinator at Del City Church of Christ. Outside of work, she and her husband, Cory, live in Choctaw and are the proud parents of three children.

  • Sharon Freeny

    Site Administrator

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    Sharon joined Whiz Kids in 2011. Over the years she has been very active on the boards of several volunteer groups. Whiz Kids is her first nonprofit job and she has been so impressed with Whiz Kids’ success at helping kids improve their future options and the amazing difference that the Whiz Kids volunteers make in the children’s lives. When Sharon is not at work she is still volunteering with other community organizations or she and husband Tracy are enthusiastically following the activities of their five children and nine grandkids.

  • Becky Hopper

    Site Administrator

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    Becky joined Whiz Kids as a tutor in 2004 at the Baptist Temple site. Before becoming a site administrator in 2014, she served as both tutor and coordinator at the site. She was honored as the Whiz Kids 2014 Mentor of the Year by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence  at a State Capitol ceremony. After a 24 year career in corporate sales, training, and management, Becky has served the Oklahoma City community in multiple voluntary service and leadership roles. She also volunteers her spare time working with her certified therapy dog on scheduled hospital visits to those who need his special encouragement. Becky realizes the Whiz Kids program is a great opportunity to not only help our kids improve their reading but also to develop strong community bonds through their interaction with the tutors.

  • Christy Johnson

    Site Administrator

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    Christy first joined the Whiz Kids team in 2009. She left in 2014 to focus on promoting her first book but couldn’t stay away and rejoined the team in 2017. Christy holds a degree in Finance from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from Central State University, but God redirected her banking career in 1998 after the tragic death of her youngest son, Jacob. Since then, Christy has spent her time speaking nationally sharing her story of surviving domestic abuse. Her first book, Love Junkies, 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle, was written to mentor women stuck in toxic relationships. That’s why Christy is so passionate about Whiz Kids. Through the partnership of caring mentors and literacy guidance, Whiz Kids is reframing the future of hundreds of children. Christy has three adult children. She lives in Edmond with her husband John and several ceramic dogs.
  • Sherri Miles

    Site Administrator

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    Sherri started with Whiz Kids in the Fall of 2009 as a site coordinator at her church. Whiz Kids was very new to her, but what she realized early on was the need for all kids to improve their reading. As her passion increased for Whiz Kids, a position opened to become a Site Administrator. It was at that time she decided to give back even more to the Whiz Kids program. Sherri is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma and spent 4 years at Oklahoma State University, majoring in marketing with a minor in sociology. Sherri is married to her husband of 9 years, Keith Miles. They have one daughter and three sons.

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