Friends for Life

Friends for Life


Tutor Tom and former Whiz Kid Darrin

Tom has been a Whiz Kids tutor for 10 years. He answered the calling to reach and out help boys who have a struggling or nonexistent relationship with their fathers.

Early on, he quickly developed a wonderful friendship with his student, Darrin, a 2nd grader. Tom instantly noticed Darrin’s quick smile and eagerness to learn and worked hard to help him overcome some speech issues and gain confidence in reading. Darrin had to work hard to pronounce words correctly. Tom’s heart was touched by Darrin’s effort and how he diligently he worked to get better at reading. Darrin would say, “Mr. Tom I know what the word is, I just can’t get it out of my mouth.” Working together with Tom, Darrin made improvements in his reading and speech and they became lifelong friends.

Outside of Whiz Kids, Tom and his wife would attend Darrin’s school and sports activities and began taking him and his siblings to church events. Darrin and Tom even attended some OU football games together. Tom wanted Darrin to be exposed to the idea of attending college.

After a few years of working together as tutor/student, Tom went to check on Darrin when he didn’t come to Whiz Kids one day and discovered that his family had moved to another town to be closer to family. Tom was concerned and continued to pray for Darrin.

They briefly lost touch with one another during that time in 2012 but four years later, they were able to reconnect in 2016 when Darrin’s mother contacted Tom to let him know Darrin would be playing football in OKC. Tom and his wife attended the game and even saw Darrin score a touchdown!

Darrin has gone on to be a very good student. He has even earned some academic achievements at his new school. He was one of 12 students from a group of 700 selected for an academic trip to Philadelphia, PA and was selected as the most improved 8th grade student at his school!

This summer, Tom and his wife have attended some of Darrin’s basketball games and are looking forward to watching him succeed in high school.

Darrin started his life struggling to read, struggling with some speech and confidence problems. According to Tom, he has now “grown into a fine, confident young man–looking forward to high school. I truly believe Whiz Kids gave him a boost to improve his grades and the determination to improve as a person.  I am so proud to have been a part of Darrin’s life and look forward to helping him and supporting him for the future.”