Making a Difference

This community has a huge place in my heart, says Kathie Tulles. I’ve been here since I was thirteen. The kids are special. Over the years, so many came for Friday supper and didn’t go home until Sunday. You couldn’t drag me away from here.

That’s why when Kathie’s son Ernie and his wife Terri moved back to Westlawn Gardens to start Tri Church a few years ago, Kathie was ecstatic. Shortly afterward, Tri Church got involved with Whiz Kids and Kathie couldn’t wait to tutor.

I fell in love with Shania immediately, said Kathie. This is our third year together. She is beautiful inside and out. She is kind and considerate and a very talented artist. She creates illustrations for every story she reads.

Shania asked Kathie one day if she was going to be her tutor after 5th grade. She was really asking if I was going to be in her life, explained Kathie.

That’s when we created our secret hand signals to say we are friends forever. You’re stuck with me, I told her. Til after graduation and your wedding.'”

“This neighborhood has my heart. I’ve made a decision and a commitment to serve here. I can’t save every kid, but I can make a difference in one!”