Super Trooper Tutor

Betsy Randolph is a woman with many passions and talents. You might have seen her tending to her garden on a beautiful summer day, or maybe at one of the several organizations that she devotes her time to. She is currently a Lieutenant for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and holds a position on the board of directors for the Victim’s Impact Panel of Oklahoma. She is also a member of the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Red Dirt Writer’s Society, has written several books, and is also a beloved tutor at Whiz Kids Oklahoma.

You would think that being a Master Gardener, Lieutenant, and author would be enough for Betsy, but she decided that there was more she could do to make a difference. Few people may see or know that Betsy volunteers as a tutor for Whiz Kids Oklahoma, but for the children she has mentored she has not gone unnoticed.

Betsy has been a tutor for almost two years at the Tabitha site. In that same time, she has also published two books, worked, attended school for a master’s degree, updated her columns and tended to her garden. She has also changed children’s lives by teaching them to read, and volunteering through Whiz Kids.Reading is a basic skill and being able to teach a child to read can empower them for life. Betsy is a testament to having a busy schedule but still allowing yourself time to make an impact in a child’s life. She not only provides Whiz Kids with inspiration to read, but the encouragement they need to keep trying.

When asked about Whiz Kids, Betsy stated, “It was like God himself was telling me that everything was pointing to this for me to do. I was so flabbergasted I would be able to tell kids about God while teaching them how to read.”

Betsy’s Whiz Kid is named Jeremiah. Betsy said that he has truly become another one of her children and that she considers him to be her son. When asked about Jeremiah, Betsy said, “I love him to pieces and cannot imagine not having him in my life. I want to make a difference in his life and I want him to know there is hope. I want him to know that how to succeed in life is first having a relationship with Jesus and second reading. I always tell him that God has great plans for his life and I am humbled to be a part of it.” Betsy continued, “If you want to be involved in the community, it is important to look at the impact you make. With Whiz Kids you are having a direct impact on someone’s life and their heart, and that is why I love Whiz Kids.”

Whiz Kids Oklahoma would like to honor Betsy Randolph for all she has done to embrace, encourage and empower children in their lives. Betsy exemplifies what we want from our tutors. She brings as much passion to teaching kids, as she does with all her hobbies. She brings as much dedication to Whiz Kids, as she does to her own work. In spite of her busy schedule, Betsy has always found time to teach kids the gift of reading. Above all, she inspires kids to pursue their passions. Seeing Betsy accomplish her goals as a writer, Lieutenant, and gardener encourages our kids to dream bigger and follow their own passion.

By highlighting Betsy as Volunteer of The Week, Whiz Kids Oklahoma hopes to inspire adults to find the time in their schedule to make a difference in a child’s life. Whiz Kids Oklahoma thanks Betsy for all the passion, commitment and dedication she has brought to volunteering for the program. Whiz Kids’ success is only possible through amazing volunteers like her.