Fabiola, a third grade Whiz Kid at Covenant Life, was struggling with reading. Although the primer mini-games were the closest match for her reading skills, Kay Lewis, her tutor, knew Fabiola needed more to challenge her. That’s when she asked her daughter, a reading specialist, for help. Her daughter had an excellent idea.

“Have your student write her own stories. She can dictate them to you while you write it out for her in a notebook. Then each week have her practice reading her own stories back to you.”

That’s exactly what Kay did. “It was amazing,” said Kay. “Fabiola was more engaged and challenged. She didn’t feel like a baby anymore. Her first story is titled Carly Goes to Hollywood. She felt so proud and successful reading the stories to me and the best thing is that they captured her attention. I think it must be because she was especially fond of the author.”

The same day Kay her Site Administrator this story, another tutor expressed the same frustration.

“I feel like I’ve failed my child,” said David Orwig. “I just can’t keep his interest. He’s in third grade, but reading well below grade level and I don’t know what to do.”

“Come over here,” the Site Administrator said. “You need to hear what is working for Kay and Fabiola. They were in the exact same situation, but have found something that works.”

Kay explained to David what she and Fabiola have been doing. Next week they plan to work together. They’ve even talked about having the kids work on a story together and challenge them to see who can read it the best. Now that’s team work!